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So I’ve posted a couple of sneak peaks! Well I’m going to expand on them today, hooray! 😀 My first sneak peak was the Sprinkles sneak peak, I LOVE that place, probably a little too much. But they just have the best flavors and goodies! I even bought Rudder and Raider a doggie cupcake before, they loooved them! So that was part of my sneak peak. I’ve been obsessed with Hollywood for quite some time. One of my favorite idols is Marilyn Monroe, living here in this area for a year has been a dream and I love strolling down Hollywood Blvd with all of the stars, costumes, theatres and sometimes over pesky “trying to break into the business” artists. But, I put up with that to just get a sense of what being in Hollywood means. So I went down there to get a few more shots the other day to spruce up my new Apartment in Austin, I might be away from Hollywood- but my apartment will have a bunch of my memories!! So here are a few shots that I am going to add to my “Hollywood Collage”.


Love the view!


I love the angle of this and I like just the hint of people in the back!


Lovely publication in Los Angeles

_MG_9640This is inspiring to me and I love going around reading the stories of how some celebrities made it to Hollywood!


This is me in the morning! HAHAHAHA


Couldn’t finish this session without my idol! 😀

I hope you enjoyed the first completed post of my sneak peaks! My next sneak peak was a shot that I did at nite at one of my favorite spots: The Seacliff. I love this spot and whether I’m just hanging out or trying to photograph a wave pic, this is the place I go to 9 times out of 10. I’ve been wanting to do another nite time shoot over the water but the moon wasn’t in the correct place most of the time. I’ll admit I know just about zilch when it comes to science and earth movement. I just know when the moon is on the mountain side instead of the ocean side, so I can’t shoot. But I found the opportunity to go shoot as the moon was on the right side! I’m sure most of you are reading this going, how in the heck did she graduate from 3rd grade? HAHA Anyways here are a couple more shots of my nite time fun!



I have another little sneak peak for you until my next blog:


Until next time:

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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