I’m Jalys. I’ve spent many years behind the camera photographing bands, friends, couples, dogs, and landscapes. I love capturing moments. I graduated from Texas Tech jcaroUniversity with a degree in Photocommunications. Pretty cool, right? An Instagram degree before Instagram was cool!
My main jam is music and band photography. I’ve always been moved by music, I have both a treble and bass clef tattoo. I can’t sing or hold a tune, but the sound of a guitar riff or drum solo brings me joy. I love capturing my love for music through my camera lens. I strive to document the feeling that a band or artist feeds to the crowd.
I’ve spent many years traveling around Texas photographing concerts and festivals. I still enjoy attending these shows and would love to photograph your band! Let’s connect.
Follow me on Instagram at: @j.bcaro
Email me at: jalys@jbcaro.com
When I’m not photographing, I’m spending time with my friends and family, traveling and seeing new things, and hanging with my husband and our dogs. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to follow me on social media.
~ JbCaro

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