I remember the day you left for Santa Monica…

I absolutely love the band Theory of a Deadman, they along with several other bands got me interest in music photography. If you ever get a chance to see these guy, go! They aren’t into the flashy, glitzy type of concert, they play their butts off with good music and their concerts are about their music… case in point they totally rock! One of my favorite songs of theirs is called: Santa Monica, every time I hear the name Santa Monica, I bust out in my best rock voice: “I remember the day  you left for Santa Monica….” Yes, Tyler Connolly I will give you a run for your money… not really! So I had to go to Santa Monica and visit the pier before I left. I drove down the glorious, and I mean GLORIOUS PCH. If you are ever in the LA area it is a must to drive down (or  up) the PCH from Venice to Malibu, you will see the gorgeous stretch of oceanside property that  no one but God himself could create… have I convinced you yet?! It was one of those fun filled days where I got to take my camera along with me and be a tourist. I’ve been a bit rusty when it comes to portrait photography because I haven’t done it as much as I used to back in TeXas but I tried to catch a few people off guard! So below are some of my pics from  my Santa Monica trip!!! Again if you have the opportunity go, and preferably in a convertible automobile so you get the “true” experience!


Entrance to the Pier


View from the Road



View from the other side of the Pier


So I kinda go busted taking pics!


He molds your face out of clay- how AWESOME is that?


One of my faves from my shoot! 😀

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

Sneaky peaky: so I have some FUN news tomorrow or the day after I will post about! Check back!!

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