Brian Burke Band- Midnight Rodeo

Friday, August 3rd, the Brian Burke boys opened for Johnny Cooper at Midnight Rodeo in the ATX. It was a great show and as usual the boys killed it! I was super excited that my co-teacher and her husband came out to check them out! Make sure to check their tour schedule and check them out when they are in your area! You can purchase their new record: Unraveled at their merchandise booth… trust me, it’s amazeballs. Everyone that I’ve played it for loved it and wanted a copy! Also call in your favorite Texas Music station (The Ranch, KVET, ect.) to request “After Midnight”. You can also request it online at

Today is an exciting day for me, I am photographing Matisyahu at Stubbs! He’s recording his second live cd and I get to photograph his amazeness! My photos will be on his website and I’ll let my awesome followers know when they are available for viewing. I lurve me some Matisyahu so this opportunity has me super pumped!

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been super sick lately in my “Hugs + Shrugs” post and on Monday I was sent home from work and went to the dr. I have an outer and inner ear infection in both ears, a virus, and a staph infection outbreak. The meds I’m on has me sleepy and loopy all day. I was taking IB Profen and still was running fever, not sure what the actual temperature was but, my skin looked like I had a 3rd degree sunburn. I was dizzy, nauseous, disoriented and just overall miserable. I’m hoping by this evening I’ll be at least 85% better, nothing is going to keep me from seeing Matisyahu!

Here are some photos of the Brian Burke Band at Midnight Rodeo:

I love the DOF I achieved here.


Jake doing his thing!

Rock it!

SO intense :).

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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