When Life Hands You The Fail Card.

I love love love music and I’m blessed that I get the opportunities to photograph concerts and bands. If you follow me on my various social media web sites I participate in, I post a lot about a band called, The Brian Burke Band. I’ve had the great time getting to know them and have really enjoyed my friendship with the band. I photographed them twice this past weekend and though I had a great time, I actually failed at photographing a band. I know I’m my own worst critic and that it takes me forever to agree that a photo is awesome but this past Friday night, I had a huge fail. I know it’s not kosher to most people to publicly admit you failed at something involving clients, but I feel secure enough with my ability to post what I call the “failed card”. I’m not proud of it and I know that the lack of lighting came into play, but photographers in my genre of photography can easily fall back on that excuse. And I’m not writing this blog to have a pity party and all of you guys write comments to boost my ego, I’m simply writing this blog to say that, not every photo shoot comes out amazing. We photographers have “fail cards”. This is my fail card and I’m opening up and showing you guys my faults. I use this blog to connect with you guys and show you what I’m working on and I put in personal flair as well. This is another example of a personal blog, it’s just not tulips and Ghardetto mustard pretzel’s amazing :-). So if you have learned anything from this blog is that I’m not perfect, which you already knew, maybe you didn’t learn anything! hahaha. But I do apologize to the members of the Brian Burke Band for the failing images that I shot during your gig this past Friday. I’m gonna rock it this Friday, I promise.

I’m not going to write this blog and not put pictures of why I’m so disappointed, its part of the process. So don’t enjoy these, please! 🙂

Love it, live it, capture it…. and learn from it. 🙂

~ Jalys

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