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As most of y’all know, we have 4 crazy dogs! We have two boxers: Rocker (11) and Carter (3); a Boston Terrier: Ryder (11), and we have a new puppy, Tucker, who is 1/2 Mini Aussie and 1/2 German Shorthaired Pointer (6 months). Our house is chaotic, and I’m always picking up toys. Carter and Tucker LOVE toys. They are constantly playing or tearing something up, including our back yard.. oops! Below are some photos I snapped of them. I hope you enjoy viewing the chaos!


Family Fun in Austin!

A couple of weeks ago we had Luis’ family in town to visit. It was nice to have them here, we haven’t seen them since Christmas 2019! We decided to explore some fun spots around Austin and Round Rock. I forgot my camera the first evening, but we went to Old Settlers Park in Round Rock and let the kids play and fish.

The next day we went back to Old Settlers Park to let the kids (and Mateo) play on this awesome playground! We also had our cousin, Daisy, bring her three kids over to play as well. Nice little playdate with the family. After lunch, we headed to the Pennybacker Bridge and viewed one of the most iconic landscape scenes in Austin. Then we drove over to Mount Bonnell and viewed the views of downtown, the Colorado River, and insanely beautiful homes! Below are photos of our adventures! Enjoy!

– JbCaro

Kyler + Nicole Engagements

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing my cousin Nicole’s engagement photos. Below are a few of my favorites from the session. I’m excited to photograph their wedding in September! I hope you enjoy these! 😀

~ JbCaro.

True’s Kindergarten Graduation

It’s fitting that I post these photos this week, as students are going back to school from their Christmas break! When I discovered I forgot to edit and post True’s graduation photos, I promised myself  I would have them ready before her spring break! haha.

Watching True and her little brother Tagger grow up has been fun. I’ll admit, a lot of times its been through social media and text messaging. Being about 3..5-4 hours from home, you miss things. However, every time I get to the see them and my other family, I try to soak it in as much as I can and be thankful for the time together.

True has always been a fun child to be around. She’s smart, inquisitive, independent, loveable, funny and the list continues. She loves astronomy and ballet. Loves Hatchimals and carries a notebook and pen around with her so she is always ready to take notes. She brings joy and laughter to everyone she meets and she’s only 6 years old.

I was able to take off the day to watch her graduate Kindergarten. She goes to a small elementary school out in the Big Country. Abilene, TX area for those not familiar with Texas. One of my favorite things that the elementary school did was bring together the graduating Kindergarten students and the graduating High School students together for a photo opportunity and to give a visual to the Kindergarten students of what their future is. I shed quite a few tears while taking photos of the group and I’d be lying if I denied tearing up right now.

True won the Superintendent Award from her teacher. It’s an award given to one student from each class that shows leadership, excellence in academics and being a helpful student to the teacher. She also won several other awards. SO many to name, so here is a photo of some of us holding all of her awards that she won.

True's Awards

She makes her family proud! My hope for True is that she continues to push herself both academically and personally. She loves to learn and I hope that never changes. I can’t wait to watch her grow up and see where her interests take her. True is relentless and will push herself to achieve her goals. Below are all the photos from her Kindergarten graduation. Congratulations, True!


Check back tomorrow for a sneak peek of a portrait session with one of my coworkes!





True Graduated Kindergarten! {Sneak Peek}

Well, she graduated 8 months ago, I just never got around to edit the photos. I know, photographer of the year. hahaha. Anyways, here is a sneak peek from True’s graduation ceremony. I’ll have a full post with all the pictures next week! I hope everyone enjoys their first weekend of 2019!




2018… Get the Frigggg Outta Here!

So it’s been a year… it feels like 2018 lasted 5 years. I’m ready for it to go. 2018 wasn’t 100% terrible, but it wasn’t that awesome either. From company layoffs to illness to missing key family moments, I would rate this year about a 3.5 out of 10. I’m ready for a fresh start and ready to start the new year on a positive note!

This past year, I’ve neglected to put time and effort into seeing my family. Luis and I have both been so bogged down with work, that we’ve missed birthdays, vacations, holiday functions and just visiting and spending time with our family. That is something I’m not proud of. I love both of our families. I love our friends as well. We have built a pretty awesome home away from home family here in the Austin area, and even those were sacrificed. I feel pretty upset that I let what was going on around us get the best of me and not focus on what matters the most to me, friends and family.

As we close 2018 and head into 2019, below are some things I’m looking forward to.

  1. Making memories with Luis. I want to focus less on collecting things and more about making memories. I hope to take some time to explore the world around us and create memories of us spending time together.
  2. Growing closer to our families and friends. I want to dedicate more time with the people in our lives. More happy hours, get-togethers, getaways, adventures, movie nights… anything! I love surrounding myself with good people.
  3. Work on me. Always room for improvement! There’s always a better Jalys to be created.
  4. Attending our friends and families weddings! We have two already slated for 2019, and we are honored to be invited and to get to celebrate! Team Caro Que Si is ready!
  5. Photograph. I’ll admit it, it is tough to lug a camera around with you nowadays thanks to iPhones, but I want to photograph more. I want to document the daily and unexpected. I think the dogs will carry the brunt of this as they are my favorite subjects. 2019 will for sure have more photos of the Caro tribe.
  6. Embrace the unexpected. Let’s see what 2019 has in store for us! I don’t want to plan our year in too much detail.
  7. Branding the brand. I will be making some changes to this website/blog. I’m still available for photography sessions, but I want this blog to be more than just a photo blog. I want to share family recipes, products I like, photos, adventures, etc. I don’t want to put my blog in a niche. I’m anti niche! Hahaha. I’ll be updating and rebranding soon. I have ideas in my head, but I need to spend some time creating those ideas.

I hope everyone has a wonderful NYE and would love to hear some of your 2018 highlights moving into 2019. We did have some fun in 2018, below is a photo from our trip to Jamaica. Ya man!



See you in 2019!

~ Jalys


Family time at Cypress Creek Boat Dock.

What a long title! hahaha. I live about 3 miles from Lake Travis and I love it. I love the area I live in as it is technically in Austin, TX but I’m in an area that is secluded and surrounded by nature. Rocker, Ryder and I frequent this old boat ramp/dock that has been shut down due to the lack of water. It is a sad scene, but it’s a great place to take the pups so they can run out their energy. A couple of weeks ago, we had a TON of rain and filled the area creeks. I decided to take my camera to our usual family spot and photograph some of the scenery and tried to snap a couple of photos of Rocker and Ryder! haha Enjoy these and have a great Monday!

Rock On!

~ Jalys.

LJT Bound!

For the rest of the week I will be on some ranch somewhere by Stephenville, TX {which I haven’t mapped out yet} and I’ll be photographing one of the biggest festivals in the TX Music Scene. I’ve been packed for days and have had a count down for the past 2 months. I think I might be a little excited to do this. Just a tad, don’t you think?! 🙂

If you’re at the festival, come say hiiiiiii! If your friends are at LJT, get them to like my Facebook page {you can do that on the right side of this blog, just saying, takes two seconds} and tell them to come hang out with me. I’m a fun time! hahaha. Anyways, I hope every one has a great week, check back for sneaks from the festival, make sure to like my Facebook page as I’ll be posting pit/stage shots and keep on l-i-v-i-n man.

Here is a photo from a family day with Rocker + Ryder, we went to Emma Long Park and had a nice little hike. I’m missing them this week and next week as I’ll be traveling for Tech when I get back from LJT. Love them.


I thought this was a really cool looking tree trunk. Very Austin.

love it. live it. capture it.


Sunday Sneak!

Last week was a crazy busy week and I wasn’t able to post as much as I’d like. Boooooooo. So here is a treat to tide you over until the next post! I spent yesterday afternoon/evening with my Mum in Gruene! A full blog is to come but check out one of my favorites from yesterday!



love it. live it. photograph it.

~ Jalys

Happy Saturday!

Hi friends!

I wanted to write a quick note wishing everyone a Happy Saturday! New blogs will be uploaded throughout next week! Lots of family photos and friends! 🙂 Here is a photo of Ryder + I from one of our adventures last week! Until Monday, have a great one and be blessed!



love it. live it. photograph it.

~ Jalys.

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