BBQ + Friends!

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone gets the day off and you spend it relaxing! A few weeks ago I had a few friends over to my apartment for a bbq and pool party. I wanted to get together before I start another cycle of recruiting for Texas Tech! Below are a few photos I captured. I planned to take a bunch of photos throughout the day, but I forgot to. hahaha. Enjoy these!

Rock on.



Hey friends! So I have been so busy lately and I feel bad for neglecting my blog and not uploading some updates. I have some awesome photos to show you from a few projects that I’ve been working on and other downtime photos. I promise to upload the photos I took from Greenfest and below are some other sneaks that I’ll show you guys to tide you over. Bear with me and enjoy the sneakfest for now!


I hosted a BBQ a couple of weeks ago. Here is a photo of Philip (#pqm)


My buddy Justin Van Sant and his band FINALLY played in Austin!


Guess who my next magazine cover subject is?


I had to take a new photo for work. Blah.

Check back for new FULL blog posts of photos soon!

Rock On.

~ Jalys.

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