True’s Kindergarten Graduation

It’s fitting that I post these photos this week, as students are going back to school from their Christmas break! When I discovered I forgot to edit and post True’s graduation photos, I promised myself  I would have them ready before her spring break! haha. Watching True and her little brother Tagger grow up has been fun. I’ll admit, a lot of times its…

Caro Wedding

Happy Monday!   I thought I would start the week off with photos from our wedding. No, we didn’t get married a few weeks ago, we have been married for almost a year and a half! Life has been busy, and so I’m just now posting our photos. Our wedding took about 10 months to plan. We were engaged on July 4th, and we…

Merry Christmas!

Rocker and I have a lot to be thankful for and we are spending the day snuggled up on the couch watching my future husband and his future dad, Ryan Reynolds! haha. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and see everyone soon! Love, rocker + jalys.

Hoots + Hollars!

Before my hard drive crashed, I had a “hugs + shrugs” blog post that I would do, but, thanks to it crashing I thought I would liven the place up with a new title! I love it. Let’s dive right in!!! * Pandora. As I’m writing this blog out right now, my “Backstreet Boys” (don’t laugh, sometimes I like going back to my jr…


I had to blog this picture of a family I shot on Sunday morning. I couldn’t wait until I had them all edited before showing it to you. Oh, Luke how I love your enthusiasm for taking photos! Happy Tuesday, everyone! love it. live it. capture it. ~ Jalys.

Paint Party!

One of the last Fridays of school we had a paint party! It was an absolute blast and yours truly had tons of paint all over her! Here are a couple of photos from our paint party! Enjoy! The mastermind behind our Paint Party, Mr. Guy! love it. live it. paint it. ~ Jalys.


Here is a sneak peek/teaser for an upcoming blog post! Hope you enjoy it and have a happy Thursday! love it. live it. capture it. ~ Jalys


As most of you know, my normal daily job is working at a child development center and after school care. I’m mainly responsible for the pre-k and kindergarten at a school located in the Circle C area of Austin. Everyday I’m excited and anxious to hear what the kids come up with. I also can’t wait to get off work and call my mom with…

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