Them Dirty Roses

A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Them Dirty Roses again at Antone’s. They played another double show, and honestly, I don’t know how they did it. They brought an insane intense energy to both shows. These guys are going places. They are super talented and they put on a fun show. Make sure to check out their socials…

The Weak Knights @ Speakeasy

Check out the photos from The Weak Knight’s show at Speakeasy. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see where they are playing next! ~ JbCaro.  

Them Dirty Roses- Late Show

Check out the photos from Them Dirty Roses’ late show at Antone’s! Both of these shows were an absolute blast to photograph. Check them out on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram. Can’t wait to photograph these guys when they come back to Texas! ~ Jalys Caro

Carly Jo Jackson @ Pour Choices

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Carly Jo Jackson’s show at Pour Choices in downtown Austin. This girl is going places! Her voice is amazing and she’s the nicest and sweetest person you will ever meet! Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook to see her upcoming show schedule. Enjoy these and have a great weekend! ~ JbCaro

Forrest and The Fire at The Blind Pig Pub

Here are some photos I took of Forrest and The Fire’s show at The Blind Pig Pub in Austin! Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram! ~ JbCaro.  

2018… Get the Frigggg Outta Here!

So it’s been a year… it feels like 2018 lasted 5 years. I’m ready for it to go. 2018 wasn’t 100% terrible, but it wasn’t that awesome either. From company layoffs to illness to missing key family moments, I would rate this year about a 3.5 out of 10. I’m ready for a fresh start and ready to start the new year on a…

Sneak Peek! Adriana + Eric!

This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing Eric and Adriana’s wedding at The Wildflower Barn in Driftwood, Texas. I can wait to show you all the photos and a recap of their awesome wedding. I just love these two lovebirds!   Enjoy the sneak peek! JCaro.  

Caro Wedding

Happy Monday!   I thought I would start the week off with photos from our wedding. No, we didn’t get married a few weeks ago, we have been married for almost a year and a half! Life has been busy, and so I’m just now posting our photos. Our wedding took about 10 months to plan. We were engaged on July 4th, and we…

Lone Star Roundup Sneak Peek!

This past weekend Luis and I went to the Lone Star Round at the Travis County Expo Center with a couple of friends. This year I remembered to bring my camera so I could photograph some of the cars. Below is a sneak peek! Look out for a full post on Wednesday! ~ Jalys

Lonestar Round Up

This past Saturday, I finally had a free day to spend with the boyfriend. Yes, friends, I have a boyfriend! Luis’ old college roommate from Tech came into town this past weekend. We went to the Travis Expo Center and spent the day looking at cars, I was so bummed that I didn’t bring my camera! Luckily I had my iPhone, so I went…

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