Davis Family Photos

This past Saturday, I drove to the Abilene area to take photos of the Davis family!

Tia was my first best friend. I was 3 years old when she was born, and we have grown up to be fabulous 30— something-year-olds! 😀 She’s more like a sister than a cousin to me, and I love seeing the woman, wife, mom she has become.

They recently purchased land out in Hawley and built a beautiful home. We set out to photograph on their land in an area with trees. We were surprised with extra models in our shoot, as their cows came to hang out in the background!

After our session with the cows, we drove over to their quarry to take photos of the kids running around and playing. It got a bit windy, so our session was cut short, but we will be back to capture more photos.

I hope you enjoy these almost as much as I love this family.

~ JbCaro.

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