Hey, cool cats and kittens! (Is that still relevant?)

As you may have seen, there are some changes happening to the website, my socials, and everything else surrounding my photo business. I thought I would give you a quick little update!

The site has been changed to jbcaro.com My name. It’s just so much easier to write and remember than Jalys Caro. I wanted jcaro.com, but it was already taken soooooooo what’s one more letter? I’m still working out a lot of the kinks. I will be adding a new logo, more photos, and I will be posting more. YEAH! Be patient as I have a lot of ideas bouncing around and I need to carefully incorporate everything at the right time.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram {@j.bcaro}. I started a series called Into The Vault where I’m posting photographs throughout the years.

As live shows are starting to take place, keep me in mind if you are needing some new photos. Let’s connect and create some fun images. I’m a photo pass away from helping you promote your music.

That’s it for now. Make sure to follow me and come check out the new look.

~ JbCaro

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