Eric Harts Adri

I met Eric years ago when he became my coworker at Texas Tech. We bonded and instantly became good friends. We’ve had a lot of laughs and fights through the years, but I consider him the big brother I never had…. or wanted. HA. When I got engaged to my husband, Luis, we both hoped Eric would be open to officiating our wedding. He said of course with one condition, in return I would photograph his wedding. I really didn’t think I would have to reciprocate until the day after he met Adriana.

Adriana and Eric met at the Whitehorse Saloon located here in Austin. Eric was getting into two-stepping and swing dancing, and they both happened to be there that night. He came in all excited and jazzed at work the next morning and told me about this beautiful blonde girl he met. The way he described her and the big smile on his face, I knew I would be photographing them on their wedding day. When I met Adri for the first time, she just melted my heart. Not only is she stunning, but her smile and sweet personality make you naturally gravitate towards her wanting to become her best friend. Eric and Adriana together are quite the real deal. They light up any room they walk into, and they are REALLY good at dancing. They are a perfect fit.

When it came time for Eric to ask Adriana to marry him, he was so excited. I honestly think he would have proposed to her the night he met her at The Whitehorse if he could have. He spent months planning the proposal. He researched and asked for advice for the perfect ring for Adriana. He found it bought it and then waited until they went on vacation to Peru. He proposed to her at Machu Pichu. What a gorgeous backdrop to one of the most important questions of a girls life?! I wasn’t sure if Eric remembers our agreement but they came back from Peru, and Eric asked about photographing their wedding. I was super stoked!

The wedding took place in Driftwood, TX at The Wildflower Barn. Adriana and her amazingly talented friends spent so much time creating every little detail of her wedding. Y’all! Adriana made their wedding cake AND cupcakes for all the guests! She loves to bake, and she’s really good at it! School teacher by day, a master baker by night! Both Eric and Adriana were calm the entire day. That is when you know it’s the real deal. Cool as a cucumber and laughing the whole time. Eric’s bandmate, Chris played as the wedding party entered the ceremony and Adri’s best friend Bonnie was the officiant.


Wedding cupcakes and cake made by the bride!

Bonnie ROCKED the ceremony! She spoke of her friendship with Adriana and meeting Eric for the first time. Everyone knew they were destined to become husband and wife. The wedding ceremony was so sweet and personal. I shed a few tears as I was trying to frantically take as many photos as I could. After the I Do’s, guests were treated to country dancing lessons! Perfect activity celebrating a couple that met at a dancehall. Eric and Adri scored major points with me by having a taco bar catered by Maudies. Literally my favorite taco place in Austin! Eric and Adri were surrounded by their friends and family the entire night. You could just feel the love in the air that everyone had for these two. They are the kindest souls.


The Newlyweds. <3

Eric and Adri, thank you so much for letting me capture your wedding day. I love you two so much, and I’m so glad we get to walk through our lives as good friends. Cheers to a happy and fun marriage! #EricHartsAdri.



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