Caro Tribe

Wow. It’s been a minute since I have posted. Life has been pretty crazy! Our house was finished ahead of the original schedule, and we closed on December 29, 2017. Yes, the last business day of the month/year. We love living the chaotic life!


Since then we have spent most of our weekends moving from our old house to our new home. Cleaning our old house and trying to set up our new house. We finally finished last week! We are now 100% in the new house. I can’t wait to show some photos once we have it all put together. We are taking our time and enjoying our new home. 🙂

This weekend I’m really excited because one of my best friends is getting married! He and his awesome fiance asked if I could photograph their wedding and I was so honored! I haven’t photographed for some time due to life commitments. So, I needed to dust off the camera and take some practice photos. What better way to practice than to follow your pups around? Ryder really wasn’t having it as it was during her nap time, so most of the photos of Ryder showcase her napping skills.

Luis and I love love love love love our babies. I love our Caro Tribe. Enjoy these photos, I am excited to print some of these and have them displayed in our new home.

I’ll be back soon with wedding and house previews! Also, I haven’t forgotten about the Spain photos I promised. 🙂



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