Denver Vacation Day 2 Part 2!

Finally, I have some time to sit down and finish editing and posting about our Denver Vacation. Day 2 was my absolute favorite day. After we finished walking around the zoo, we decided to go to The Great Divide Brewery. The place was PACKED! We enjoyed a short tour of the brewery, and then we walked over to Breckenridge.

As we were sitting at Breckenridge Brewery and Pub, we knew that doing another brewery would be a disaster, so I got on my phone and went to a trusty traveler site, TripAdvisor. I found out that a place called Mount Evans was the number one fun thing to do in Denver. Not knowing the area, we decided to just go with it and head that way. As we turned off the main interstate, there was a sign that said the road to Mount Evans was closed. Being that we just drove 30 miles to this point, we decided to take our chances and drive until we were told to turn around.

It was such a gorgeous drive. We started down the road, and there were cabins everywhere. Every so often we would see a little creek running alongside our road. As we continued to drive there would be patches of snow, and the scenery was breathtaking. We kept driving, and as we were driving up the mountain, it started to snow. We looked down, and all we saw were trees covered in snow. We came upon a frozen lake, and we definitely were not in Texas anymore! We decided that we would come back to the lake on our way back. About a mile up the road was the turnoff to Mount Evans, which was closed! Haha There was a place to park, and we saw some other cars there, so we decided to take a break and check out the scenery. I brought my camera along and photographed the area that we were in. Turns out we were in the Arapaho National Forest. It was sooooo gorgeous. The snow was really coming down, and we met a gentleman that was telling us about the area. He told us to continue down the road, and we will eventually get back to Denver.


We went back to the frozen lake, so I could photograph a little bit and then we continued on. The drive back was so gorgeous. Snow, trees, mountains… everything was excellent. We discussed plans to move there, it was so peaceful and stress-free. When we finally returned to Denver, we wanted to check out a couple more breweries before we turned in for the night. We went to Denver Beer Co, and the atmosphere was super chill. We felt like we were hanging out in Austin. There were plenty of tables and games for patrons to engage in. The beer was great. We agreed that we were going to purchase pint glasses at every brewery we stopped at. We came home with about 10 glasses! Haha. After Denver Beer Co we decided to head over to Prost Brewing, and that was our last brewery of the night.

After we finished our beer at Prost, it was getting late. We wanted to eat before we went back to the hotel. We settled on a place called Denver Deep Dish. Best.Pizza.Ever. Literally the best pizza ever. The crust was the best crust I’ve ever had. It was like a biscuit and pizza crust put together. After eating at Denver Deep Dish, pizza will never be the same. The toppings were great, the crust is heaven, and the only thing I wished was that I could have eaten more. I wish Austin had a place like this.

This wraps up day 2. This was my favorite part of the day and ironically the worst photos I took during the vacation. Haha. Oh well, the memories will definitely always be there. Here are a couple of photos from Day 2 Part 2.

~ Jalys

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