Denver Vacation Day 1!

This past weekend Luis and I traveled to Denver for a mini vacation. We left at 630am Texas time and got to Denver at 745am. We did a little research before we left for Denver and decided we would have breakfast at this place called Denver Biscuit Company. By the time we got there, we both were starving as we had been up since 4am. The vibe at Denver Biscuit Co was awesome. We felt like we were right at home in Austin! The food was delicious, so much that we went back on our last day! I devoured my biscuits and gravy in about 2 minutes. 🙂 It was a great first stop on our Denver vacation.


This took all of 2 minutes to eat!!

After breakfast, we needed to walk off the calories we just inhaled, so we decided to drive out to Red Rocks and explore that area during the morning. The views were breathtaking. The mountains, the greenery, the rocks… everything! It was really cool seeing all the people running, jumping, and sliding down the amphitheater stairs. Denver seems like a really health conscious and exercised city. I took my camera along and photographed some of the scenery. The weather was about 50 degrees at the time and felt so amazing… NO HUMIDITY! We decided to continue exploring the area, and we went a little up the road to visit Buffalo Bill’s grave and Lookout Mountain. The area had a great view of the Coors Brewery and miles upon miles of hiking/biking trails.

Around noon, we drove down Lookout Mountain and ventured into Golden, where we toured Coors Brewery. This was our first significant brewery tour together. Usually, we go to local craft breweries, but we wanted to check out mass production. The tour was free and also came with free samples. I enjoyed sipping fresh Coors Light, and Luis found a fave new beer, Batch 19, that we are searching for in Austin! I didn’t bring my camera into the brewery as per their rules no bags were allowed, but, I did get a few iPhone photos! We finished the tour around 2pm and walked across the street to Bob’s Atomic Burgers. It’s definitely one of those mom and pops burger joints. Burgers tasted great and the atmosphere was super chill and laid back… once again, I felt like we were hanging out in Austin! I really loved Golden. It was a cute little town that seemed so quiet and small-town America.


Friday night we purchased tickets to go see the Colorado Rockies vs. the San Francisco Giants. Our hotel was right down the road from Coors Field and perfect walking distance. Coors Field has this cool industrial look to go along with the history of the city. It also is where Blue Moon beer was first brewed! #FunFact! My favorite part of the stadium was the bullpen. Back in the bullpen area, there was this nice little scene set up with trees, a river, mountains and even had fountains spraying water before the game. The Rockies ended up winning 6-4 that night.

Well, that was day 1 of our Denver vacation. Check back to hear about day 2! Enjoy the photos I snapped at Red Rocks and Lookout Mountain!

~ Jalys.

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