Lone Star Roundup

As promised, here are the photos form Lone Star Roundup. It was fun to walk around and photograph at my leisure. 99% of these photos are detailed photographs. I’m not a car photographer, I just love photographing details that I find interesting! I love the opportunity to go out and just photograph my interests.

I’m super excited to say that in 2 days, Luis and I will be in Denver for the weekend! We’ve been working sooooooo hard lately with me working weekends for events through my job, that we decided to reward ourselves with a mini vacation. We only have a few plans, a baseball game Friday night, we want to go to the zoo and the museum of nature and science. The rest of the time we will decide when we get there. There will be a couple of brewery tours, but we really haven’t picked out which ones. Both of our jobs are very demanding and are scheduled months in advance. We don’t want to plan our vacation activities. I’m terrified and excited at the same time! Hahaha. Of course, I’m bringing my camera along to document our trip! So be on the lookout for photos and our adventures!

I hope y’all enjoy the car show photos!

~ Jalys

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