Updates and TV Obsessions.

My goals to photograph more in 2015 hasn’t started off great. For the past couple of weeks, Austin weather has mirrored Seattle. It’s been cold, rainy and miserable. Hopefully this weekend I can venture out and photograph. Rocker and Ryder need new photos, and I’m sure everyone wants to see more photos of pets. I have started going back to Crossfit.  I follow the Crossfit kids Instagram account, and I feel like that workout is more suitable for my athletic abilities. Oh well.

A huge update that I have slowly been telling people, I’m moving in with Luis! Yup, we are moving in together at the end of next month. I’m really excited to take the next step. He has been a great addition to my life, and naturally, this is the next step. Stay tuned for photos of our moving day! 🙂

I love Tech. I think that is obvious. I decided to get involved a little more with the Texas Tech Alumni Association- Austin Chapter and am now the Communications Chair. I’m responsible for all communication within the chapter. I’m really excited about this opportunity and hope to expand my knowledge on the communication and social media channels.

During my nice break from work, I became obsessed with Netflix and Hulu. Below are some shows that I highly recommend.

– Parenthood.

– The Mindy Project.

– Blue Bloods.

– The Office (for the 908358459 time).

– How To Get Away With Murder.

– Friends (see The Office for reference # of times).

– Criminal Minds.

As you can tell, I watched a lot of tv during the break. 🙂




Next post will feature photography, I promise!!

~ Jalys.

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