CampLEAD 2014

At the end of July, our office at Texas Tech University put on a leadership and development camp called CampLEAD. This was my second year attending this camp and this year I brought my camera to document. Last year, we had about 45 students attend. The camp was so successful and amazing that this year we had about 170 kids attend! The students were all rising seniors from their area. We had almost 800 applications for this camp, and it was fun being apart of the decision process. These kids will be leaders one day. They are smart, hardworking, achievers who are at the top of their class. We had students from all over Texas and a few from New Mexico. Our regional center in Austin took about 34 students from Austin, and San Antonio and the students from the Valley flew with one of our excellent admissions counselors, Maryellen. We spent 4 days and three nights on campus doing different leadership activities. We stayed on campus in residence halls, toured the campus, swam in our leisure pool and even made a trip out to Spirit Ranch for some leadership and team exercises. I photographed a lot of the activities and hope you guys see the teamwork they built throughout this experience.

Driving up to Lubbock, the students were very quiet, mainly watched the movies we played or listened to their iPod. But on the way back, they were louudddddddddddd! They became a family. They were sad that they were leaving campus, but most importantly, they were sad to leave their new friends they met at camp. It’s so awesome to watch students who barely know each other build lasting friendships whom they didn’t even know four days prior.  I hope that they choose Texas Tech as their school of choice, but wherever they go, they’ll be an asset to that institution. Below are some photos I grabbed from CampLEAD. Hope you guys enjoy them!



Wreck Em!

~ Jalys.

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