Road Trip # 1 to LBK.

This fall, Luis and I will be traveling 7 times to Lubbock before December 1st. We decided to buy season tickets to watch all 6 home games of Red Raider football, and this past weekend was trip number 1! We drove in Friday afternoon and spent some time in his hometown of Levelland. His dad is a farmer, so we met up with him, and I got to ride in a tractor! Saturday, we got up early and stopped for some breakfast tacos at Roberto’s.  Luis’ deemed them having the best breakfast tacos money can buy. He was pretty accurate! 🙂 After breakfast, we went ahead and drove to Lubbock to shop. We made our way to all three Red Raider Outfitters, Varsity, The Matador, Red and Black Bookstore, Academy annnnnd anywhere else we could buy something with a double T on it. We stopped for lunch at the best place in America for a Calzone, One Guys. This place is a regular for Tech students as there is a location right across the street from Tech.

We finally made our way to the stadium for the season opener! We went around and hung out at Raider Alley for a little bit before making the way to our seats. The game was pretty frustrating, but we came off with a win and started the season 1-0. We will be back in 2 weeks to see the Red Raiders take on Arkansas. Sunday we had lunch with Luis’ family and started the trip back to Austin. My mom watched Rocker and Ryder this weekend, so we made a pit stop and spent some time with her. We arrived back in Austin around midnight. It was a great weekend, and I can’t wait to go back in 2 weeks! Here are some iPhone photos I took this past weekend. I’ll be bringing my professional camera throughout the year and am hoping to grab more campus shots as well as some landscapes. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day!


Luis doing what he does best. 🙂


Farming life.


Harvesting corn!


Luis and I at Raider Alley!


Goin’ Band From Raiderland!

Wreck Em!!


~ Jalys.

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