Gary Clark Jr @ Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q.

This past Friday I was able to mark another artist off my Photobucket list! I was introduced to Gary Clark Jr over a year ago and I immediately fell in love with him. His talent blows my mind! I’ve been trying to get to a show of his for a while but he’s been touring all over this world. He finally came back home to Austin this past weekend and played 2 sold out shows at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q. I was lucky enough to get a photo pass for his Friday show. I got there and realized there wasn’t a pit for us photographers, we were in mixed in with the 1400000000 general admission people. Yup, Princess Photostar was thrown a different element! I end up actually enjoying it even though I was stuck in one spot for the show. I met some cool photographers and was really grateful they took me under their wing to make sure I got some good shots. SEEEE we aren’t all competitive stuck up, aholes. :). I also go to go back to the days of only shooting the first 3 songs! Here are the photos I took Friday night! Let me know what you think and look back for another BUCKET LIST band I photographed after Gary Clark Jr.

Rock On.

~ Jalys.

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