Practice Makes Perfect.

Hello friends!

Sooooooo this week has been INSANE. Actually the past 2 weeks have been crazy. I’m super busy with Texas Tech and recruiting students. I’ve been giving at least 10 presentations every week, which y’all know I love to talk! The hours are long but, I have met so many amazing students! I really really really hope all of them choose Texas Tech and love it! I know I loved my time there! Anyways, tomorrow I’ll wrap up my week of recruiting just in time to photograph Fowlerfest at the Central Texas Speedway in Kyle.

I’m extra excited for tomorrow, because I am experimenting with a new lens to possibly include in my concert photography must have. I have been shooting bands for years and I’ve always wanted to use a fisheye lens to get a different prospective but I really haven’t found a justifiable excuse to drop hundreds of dollars on this lens. Thanks to Borrow Lenses, I am able to rent it for a week to see if it is something that would really set me a part from the other 1348907598195873 concert photographers in the TX Music Scene.

The lens came in on Wednesday afternoon and so I’ve taken it with me to a couple of college fairs to test it out a bit. I tried to test it out on Rocky but he wouldn’t be still enough for me to try it! Below are a couple of practice shots I took in preparation for tomorrow. I really think I’m going to buy this lens. So far I love it but we will see the end product tomorrow night! Hope I see some familiar faces tomorrow. My favorites, WHISKEY MYERS, will be there rocking faces! Come say hi  if you see me! 🙂


Every post needs a little Texas Tech in it!


This is my favorite HS to visit. I love this hippo, I wish I could have this guy in my front yard.

Rock On.


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