Every Day, I’m a Red Raider.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows two things about me: 1. I’m a music + concert photographer 2. I’m a Red Raider. I love Tech, I work for Tech and my heart + soul loves being a Red Raider. Yesterday, this Youtube video came out called “Every Day, I’m a Red Raider” highlighting some of our alumni and current students. This video has made me cry about 30 out of the 30 times that I’ve watched it. I can’t explain the amount of joy I have working for Texas Tech. Are the hours long? Does sitting in traffic annoy me? Yes, but for the most part, I love waking up to go to my office to promote Texas Tech and the things we do.

We are underdogs in Texas. We have two major universities that historically all students in Texas want to go to. But we are changing that, my office is changing that. Working for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Texas Tech, we are on the front lines to get students to apply and become admitted. We have days where we are spending 10-16 hours on the road visiting 3-5 schools spreading the word out about Tech. By October we are zombies and stay that way through May. We are like a broken record talking about our amazing Ed Whitacre College of Engineering, the #1 Personal Financial Planning program in the country, the only school in Texas to have an Undergraduate, Graduate, Law and Medical School on the same campus, and over 150 degree programs we offer. We like to talk about Kliff Kingsbury and the fact he was once in our shoes taking classes at Holden Hall, he walked across campus just like us to get to class, and he had the opportunity to play football at the Jones. We are proud of Tech and we want students to see our passion and feel the Red Raider pride that we encompass. Every Day, WE are Red Raiders.

A few months back, I had a great opportunity of driving some of our athletic coaches around San Antonio for meetings and an event that evening. Yes, I’m gonna brag and say I was driving KK around for most the day, during the car rides we started talking about the passion for Texas Tech that current and past students have. We are passionate, we are spirited, we strive for honor. Our soccer coach, Tom Stone, said it best, “If you went here, you get it.” I sat there for a minute digesting what he just said. It’s profound. It’s moving. It’s absolutely true. If you went here, you get it.

I wish my coworkers a successful year recruiting students and hope that we continue to grow as a University. If you ever get in a slump or too exhausted to make it through the day, I hope you watch the following video to recharge yourself. Because, Every Day YOU are a Red Raider.

Wreck Em!

~ Jalys.

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