Cody Bryan Band @ The Saxon.

About a month or so ago I was visiting my hometown and listening to the best Texas/Red Dirt Radio station, KKCN 130.1, when Ben Ryan played this song that caught my attention. The song was called “If I’m Going Nowhere“, it was catchy and I liked it.  I’ve been looking for a new band to obsess over so bands like Whiskey Myers and The Cadillac 3 won’t serve me with a restraining order for following them around, photographing their sets, and jamming to their music all day everyday. Also, most of y’all know B. Burke ditched me to follow his dreams in Nashville. Really, come on!? 🙂 (Love you, B and show them how music is made!)

A few weeks later for 4th of July my Mum and I decided to drive out to Salt Lick for some BBQ. They had this band loading out about to play outside and entertain the masses waiting to eat some delicious carnivorous treats. They set up and started to play this song where I knew the words and finally it hit me, it’s the song from Kickin’ Country! I remember I heard it again while I was at work (I broadcast them in my office, I might as well be their promotions coordinator, only if I can stay in Austin ;)) and was like, “dang, I love this song.” Anyways, we ended up staying a while listening to their set. My mom won a koozie and cd. I bought a shirt (they are only $10, y’all should buy one). Go figure I am the one that buys the merch. 🙂

We jammed to the cd on the way back to South Dallas, AKA my apartment by Lake Travis, and really liked their record. My friend Philip (#pqm) and I were talking about music one night and I mentioned this new band that I really liked that I wanted to see again and I told him who it was, turns out he knew the band! We found out that they were playing at The Saxon in a couple of weeks so we planned on attending. So glad I did, I really like these guys. I think they have a lot of potential of becoming a well known band, the sorority girls would eat them up. {hint hint my management + promoter friends… you can thank me later.} If you would like a little clarity of their sound, imagine a collaboration between Brian Burke (my musical soul mate and yes I referenced him twice in the blog, you can contact the complaint department if you need feel the need), Hudson Moore (TX version of John Mayer) and Curtis Grimes (Hollywood Curt). Boom, there’s Cody Bryan. Minds blown. Seriously, check them out and go to a show. They seem to be playing a lot at The Salt Lick on the weekends so go support both of them and like The Cody Bryan Band on Facebook.

I snapped a few photos at the show, not the ideal lighting situation… don’t judge. 😉 Have a great weekend and Wreck Em! Also, not sure why I bolded words throughout the blog, just embrace it.

Rock On.

~ Jalys.

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