Texas Tech Visit

Last week I spent some time in Lubbock for work. I love going back to Lubbock and Texas Tech to relive my college memories. Most of y’all know I work for Texas Tech University in Austin. I love my job, I get to live in the greatest city and work for the best college in America. 🙂

Texas Tech was recently named the #6 Most UNDERRATED college in the country. I’m glad people are seeing the amazing education opportunities Texas Tech is providing for not only our students and alumni but also our faculty. I feel blessed to be at the position I’m at within Texas Tech University. Texas Tech recently hired a new president, Dr. Nellis, he’s coming from the University of Idaho and we had the opportunity to sit and discuss goals and plans for Texas Tech. Even better things to come! haha. Below are some photos I took on my iPhone from our time in LBK!

Only a few more weeks and I’ll be down in New Braunfels photographing Greenfest! Get your tickets and come say hello!

Rock On.

~ Jalys

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