Larry Joe Taylor Day 4

I’m excited to show you photos from Day 4 of Larry Joe Taylor 2013. As I edit, I get super stoked to show everyone but at the same time the more days I edit, the closer I get to being finished and wrapping up my LJT experience! Oh well… 🙂 Day 4 included: The legendary Walt Wilkins, The only female in the line up: Charla Corn, Josh Weathers- who pretty much made my LJT experience. Insane how good of a show he and his band puts on. Stepehenville favorites: Six Market Blvd. (I have a hugeeeee music crush on Josh Serrato. He reminds me of Slash. I’m obsessed.) Roger Creager and Kevin Fowler finished Day 4 of LJT and it was a party! So much fun all around and I hope the photos express that! Enjoy and always let me know what you think!

Rock on.

~ Jalys.

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