Brandon Rhyder {Wild West, Cedar Park}

About a month ago, I finally got to go see a Brandon show! It has been months since I’ve seen him and as one of my favorites, I find it unacceptable! This show was extremely different, first off, Eddie Kloesel is no longer with Brandon and it was weird not seeing him bouncing around like Richard Simmons making sure everything was running smoothly. My friend, Mark Hudspeth is the new bassist and there is a chick who plays fiddle. Might as well be a new band! However, it was refreshing seeing all the new changes and of course to have a therapy session with Brandon’s music.

This was the first time I’ve been to Wild West, Cedar Park and I have to say while the space is awesome, the lighting on the stage is one of the worst I’ve experienced. It’s very frustrating as a music + concert photographer to try to photograph a show when the lighting is about as good as a flashlight. You would think they could have a proper set up. Rant over.

Tomorrow I’ll get to see the BR crew at Larry Joe Taylor Music Fest and I’m beyond excited! Greatest. Week. Ever. If you’re at Larry Joe Taylor Music Fest, come find me and say hi! Tell your friends to like my Facebook page and enjoy these photos!

love it. live it. capture it.


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