21 Day Sugar Detox

Lately, I’ve been super unhappy with my appearance and they way I feel. I’ve been cranky, lazy, unmotivated, moody, sleepy, tired, hungry, and overall a person that isn’t fun to be around. Work has me busy with traveling all over the state, helping putting on events, working late hours and on my weekends. I have been eating horribly or not eating at all, so I started doing some research that might jumpstart a change. I really researched sugar and the effects it has your body and mind. I ran across this 21 Day Sugar Detox challenge and I figured I had nothing to lose. Some of y’all that follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have seen my photos! Sorry to annoy y’all, but that was one of the suggestions to keep yourself accountable!

I started on April 1st and can say that I have actually stuck with it! It has been easy and difficult at times. I started the detox traveling to the Valley for Tech. I figured this was my biggest obstacle. I love going to dinner with friends and when you go out you want something delicious and usually my delicious isn’t healthy. Being on the road forced me to make good choices and opt for grilled veggies instead of mashed potatoes. I also had to make good choices when we stopped for snacks, I would choose whole natural almonds instead of a TWIX or Cheetos. The hard work paid off as I’ve been melting weight and belly fat off. My moods have been better, I haven’t been craving unhealthy snacks as much as I thought I would I’ve been able to have a lot of energy to keep me going throughout my 12-14 hour workdays.  In doing the research, I’ve discovered a lot of belly fat was coming from what I thought was healthy, cheese. I love it and my favorite meal was to go to HEB and get one of those individual cheese and fruit trays and go to town. I really didn’t have to give up dairy on the Level 1 cycle of the Sugar Detox, but I did limit it as much as I could. Getting rid of cheese and dairy has helped a lot and I’m not craving a lot of sugary, sweet treats.

I did try to make a couple of their recommended deserts and I wasn’t too much of a fan, the sweets weren’t a necessity to me. It is a very strict diet for the 21 days, but I was able to experiment with different veggies to see if I’d like them but more so than that, I was able to really look at a nutrition label and see the crap that was put into the food I was used to eating. I’m going to continue eating this way as much as I can. I do like the Paleo style eating and plan to continue. I still have two more levels to go and I am excited to continue. I’ll be in a new house in about 4 weeks and we will be allowed to have a barbecue grill wherever we go {that’s my requirement}, so I expect a lot of fresh grilled choices over at the Mabry/Meaux Glitzy Glamour Abode. Come visit {when we actually find a place to live}!

If you’re interested in doing the detox, let me know! Have a Happy Sunday! A post isn’t a post without a photo, here is a photo that I took in Corpus earlier this month!


love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.





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