Texas Drought + The Salt Lick

Working for Tech, I’m in the car almost daily driving to schools. My favorite trips at the ones where I can take back roads and explore more of the country side of Central Texas. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving to Wimberly, TX for a high school visit. This drive is so awesome, I love going to this school because it reminds me of my highschool. There is this amazing spot I’ve found right off the road, that has a creek where you can sit on the creek bank and soak in God’s glory. I look forward to this school every semester because of this spot. Unfortunately, we are in a horrific drought right now in Texas. When I showed up to the spot after my school visit, I was shocked when I found my treasured spot almost dry. Gone were the days of me stopping by for a quick 10-15 minute break to put my feet in the water and listen to the sound of rushing water coming from the waterfall. I brought my camera along with me hoping to capture the glory of this spot, but instead here are some photos to show the extreme drought we are going through.

After my discovery, I decided to stop at one of the best places in Texas to grab some barbecue for my coworkers called: The Salt Lick. They are kind of a big deal….This is their original location, which is out in the middle of nowhere and I absolutely love the atmosphere. It’s cash only, byob and has the perrrrrfect company to indulge in some tasty barbecue. They let me go back and photograph their infamous pit with tons of meaty delights. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as my coworkers and I enjoyed eating their delicious barbecue! This is one of the places you need to check off your Texas bucket list!

love it. live it. capture it.


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