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It’s no question I love music. I love it,  breathe it and  live it. Music is one of the main reasons I became a photographer, I spent most of my youth listening to different types of music to understand different moods and feelings. I’m an emotive photographer that likes to capture raw feelings. I tend to lean towards black and white instead of color and I rather take a photograph of someone crying their eyes out with mascara running down their face than a smile. Smiles can be fake but when you photograph someones raw emotive state, you find a deeper appreciation for photography (at least in my eyes). Anyways, I’m blessed to be able to bridge the gap between my love for music and photography. I thought I would blog some records that have been playing nonstop in my humble abode. 🙂 I urge you to give them a listen on Spotify or go ahead and dl them on iTunes! The choice is yours. hahaha.

Slash- Apocalyptic Love. Slash is one of my heroes. I love him, his presence on stage is something I hope to capture at some point in my career. He exudes rock and roll and his mantra is sexual. I could go on and on about him. Apocalyptic Love is his latest record. Myles Kennedy (from Alter Bridge) lends his vocals on the record. I love the combination of Kennedy’s voice mixed with the talent of Slash. This record is great to workout to if any of my friends need new workout music!

Turnpike Troubadours– I’m in love with their new album, Goodbye Normal Street. These boys are one of my favorite bands to photograph and they put on a damn good show. I love their sound and the fact they are fond of drinking. Can’t go wrong with that! Gin, Smokes, Lies is my favorite song on the record. But my favorite line from their record is: “May we all get to heaven before the devil knows we’re dead”. I encourage you to dl their latest album but also go see them live! It’s a party!

Wade Bowen– I usually only listen to Wade when I’m going through a break up, his music to me is depressive, so when I want a long, drawn out cry I play his music. I have only seen a couple of shows of his, I don’t like crying in front of a crowd in a manic depressive state. However, his new record (The Given) surprisingly has me intrigued.  Patch of Bad Weather is my favorite song of the album… shocking its a break up song. hahaha. This record surprised me and I’m addicted to it. Gotta support our RED RAIDERS!

Los Lonely Boys– Sometimes a song plays out of nowhere and it takes you back, the other day I was driving to Waco and “Heaven” came on the radio and it immediately took me back to my hometown. I’m from West Texas just south of San Angelo, where Los Lonely Boys are from and hearing their song reminded me how much I love their first record. I got on Spotify and started playing their albums. Their first self titled record is my favorite. It’s a solid album and one of my favorite love songs, “More Than Love” can play on repeat all day. Through Spotify I found an acoustic album that I’m absolutely in love with. The album is titled, “Keep on Giving: Acoustic Live” and it was recorded in Colorado. I love live and acoustic records over an over produced studio record. The amount of talent that is in this family is magical. I’ve been listening to them at least 4 times a day soaking in my hometown idols and their craft. Gotta love where you come from!

Tyler and The Tribe- This a new band that I’ve come to love thanks to my friend, JDAR. He manages them and while I know Tyler through Clay Wilson, I didn’t realize how talented Tyler was as a frontman. Their first album, ROCK ON, is out TODAY! I’ve had it for a few days and wow, I absolutely love it. I hear influences of Pat Green, Foo Fighters, John Mayer and a little bit of Cold Play. I love refreshing new music and this album delivers a different sound that I appreciate. Check it out and support new music! Again their debut album is called ROCK ON. DL it and let them know what you think!

A post isn’t a post without a photo! The other day I spent the afternoon in Waco photographing Mr. Billy Joe Shaver for a magazine feature. Here are a couple of sneak peeks! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the music suggestions and photos of BJS!

I’ll be moving Thursday so I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to blog again this week, but I’ll do my best! I’ll be photographing Jonathan Garcia tomorrow night opening for Brandon Rhyder at CountyLine BBQ in San Antonio. Come out and support live music and a great cause (bring a canned good for the SA food bank).


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