These Are My Obsessions…

Not to be confused with Usher’s record, “Confessions,” I thought I’d blog a bit about what I’m obsessing over this second. I have given myself the task to update my blog at least twice a week during the summer to keep the creativity flowing and give myself goals and deadlines. I’ll be photographing some familiar faces that I always post about in the next few weeks and I’m happy to gush about photographing a TEXAS legend today for a magazine feature… STOKED! I always love these opportunities and feel blessed to capture images that hopefully tell a story to the readers. 🙂 More on that, including pics soon!


(yes, I know I just said obsessions in Spanish, let’s get bilingual people!)

* Spotify– I love this app, my iphone is maxed out with music and I’ve had to take so much off my iPhone that this app so comes in handy when I want to listen to a certain artist but had to take them off my phone. I also have it downloaded on my iPad, iMac, and work laptop. It is a lifesaver and I know I’ve voiced I get annoyed when my Facebook timeline is bombarded with what everyone is listening too, but newwwwwssssflash you can turn it off ;).

* HEMPZ Moisturizer– I bought a small bottle of this on a whim when I was in a beauty supply store with my hairstylist friend. Turns out it’s the best moisturizer ever! It has my hands and skin sooooooo smooth. I love the pomegranate scent, which I feel like is what the pedicure places use for your leg  and foot massages, but, I could be wrong. There are few different scents, however, this has been my favorite. My mom’s hands were a bit dry and I gave her my little bottle and it has made her skin a lot more smooth and hydrated. Look for it at Ulta, it is a bit pricey but so worth it! If you have a hairstylist friend with an Armstrong McCall or RDA card, ask them to pick some up for you and save about $15-$20!

* It’s a 10– The glam squad (Crystal and Kara) introduced me to this line to help my hair become healthy again. I’ve been slowly highlighting my hair back to blonde and my hair was so dry and damaged. I’ve used the Miracle Leave-In Conditioner since January and it has completely transformed my hair. It’s healthier, shinier, I don’t have as many split ends and it really has transformed my hair. I believe you can buy it at Ulta and salons. It literally is a miracle ;).

* Planet Fitness– I’ve been at this gym for over a year and I have fallen back in love with it! I wish I was able to stay after I move to Lake Travis, but unfortunately they don’t have a location anywhere close to me! SAD FACE! I pay about $20 a month and have unlimited access to every location they have. I also get to tan for free (go ahead and scold me, but I’m too white not to tan) as well as use of the massage chairs and the new hydromassage table. But I stick to the weights, treadmill and tanning bed :).

* Thundercloud Subs– Located conveniently by Planet Fitness, Thundercloud Subs has become my new favorite place for a sandwich. I love supporting local businesses and they are all super nice and friendly! I love the mesquite smoked chicken sandwich with avocado. They also give back to the community, last year the gave away $260,000 in donations.. that’s something to be proud of, folks! They have several locations to choose from and did I mention its healthy and delicious?!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my obsessions! I have a few more blog ideas I want to introduce you guys to throughout the next couple of weeks so return back often!

Every post needs a picture: Happy Summer!

This shot was taken while I was living in SoCal. Wish I could move back, babes.

love it. live it. capture it.


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