Play The Record Back!

I love when friends recommend new music for me to check out, I have my set bands that I need to hear on a daily basis, but adding something new keeps my passion for music alive. So I thought I’d periodically showcase a record that I’m jamming out to and in hopes that you will dig it too. This week I’m jazzed about a new record from a phenomenal musician, Matt Powell. He’s the lead guitarist for Brandon Rhyder {shocking, I’m writing about Brandon Rhyder again. ;)} and has put together a great album that’s been getting a lot of play while I’m traveling to schools and stuck in jams of traffic {roll with the new wordage}. Anyways, the record is called, “The Beauty of the Ride” and it is fantastic. I absolutely love love love the title of this record. One of my good friends refered to him as a poet and I couldn’t agree more! We all know he knows his way around a guitar and is a remarkable piece to the Brandon Rhyder crew and with his records he proves he has a remarkable solo ability as well. His lyrical abilities on this record are stellar and I really dig the complicated and dash of simplicity as well. What are my favorite tracks on the record? Well, I’m pretty much past the point of obsession with, “You Got a Way of Making it Rain.” An obvious song for me that I love is “Shine”, which BR plays during shows and it’s a song for the laaaaaaadddddies. I could keep naming all the songs that I love on the record, but really I would be naming them all. It has rock, soul, blues, and a soft vibe all mixed in one album. It’s a solid record and my recommendation for this week! So you should head on over to iTunes {yes, I’m giving you permish to leave my blog!} and purchase the album and hear the awesomeness for yourself!

This is a recent photo I took of him at a BR show. He’s got skills.

Monday night I have the absolute pleasure of being apart of a memorial/celebration for the life of Amberlyn Fett, I finished the photos tonight and I can’t wait to show you guys and write a post about it. Here is a sneak peek from the night.

There’s something mysterious and dark about this photo, I dig.

love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys.

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