Hoots + Hollars!

Before my hard drive crashed, I had a “hugs + shrugs” blog post that I would do, but, thanks to it crashing I thought I would liven the place up with a new title! I love it. Let’s dive right in!!!

* Pandora. As I’m writing this blog out right now, my “Backstreet Boys” (don’t laugh, sometimes I like going back to my jr high days) station is playing lots of goodies. When I was in hs, I absorbed so many different types of music. One minute I was playing Red Hot Chili Peppers then Lauren Hill, N SYNC, Whitey Ford, Incubus, George Strait, Backstreet…. I was all over the place. I love love love love music. So I thought I’d create a station from my jr high and hs years. I’m in lurve.

* Life, friends, + my Mom. This past summer has been awful for me. I’ve had so many roller coaster moments that I honestly didn’t think I’d get through. I had heartbreak, unemployment, the death of Raider and other family issues to where I just wanted to crawl under a rock and sulk in my own misery. But, thanks to my friends and my Mom, they wouldn’t let that happen. They let me cry, but more importantly they kept me fighting. I’ve learned that I’m a much stronger person than I think I am. I faced everything head on and I’m happy to say that I’m in a completely different place thanks to their encouragement and support. I still miss my Raider girl everyday, but I’m comforted in knowing she’s with Rudder chasing squirrels and eating yummy treats. The summer is behind me and I’m looking forward to the future and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂 I also wish I could have my friends as my family members, I sometimes wish we could pick our family because I’d definitely love to be related to my friends because of their amazing support and love! Love you guys!

* Texas Tech University. Most of my Facebook + Twitter friends know the news. I’m was offered a job with Texas Tech University. I kept the news hush hush for a week or so while all the information went through, but I was finally able to let everyone know the news. I’m beyond thrilled and blessed. The awesome part? I get to stay in Austin with all my fabulous friends! What is the job? My title is: Section Coordinator for the Austin + surrounding areas through the College of Admissions at Texas Tech University. Legit, right? I’ll be representing Texas Tech at local high schools and community colleges recruiting students to Texas Tech. I’m stoked to finally be able to use the communication part of my degree! I get to represent the greatest college in the country and get paid for it… cha’ching!

* Pinterest. If you follow me on that website, you already know I’m hooked and chances are you are too! I’ve already built my dream house and planned my wedding without having a boyfriend. I’ve tried out several projects and it has inspired me to turn all my furniture into one of a kind pieces. I love exploring my artistic side. Come over to my house to see my coffee table and tv cabinet thing! Of course, I had my coffee table done before I even heard of pinterest but whatevs!

* Photostar Photography. Yup, I still love taking photos, I will be continuing to take photos for artists, friends and the website I contribute to. I’m confident that I can still set aside time for blogs, photoshoots and what nots. I am the type of person that needs a constant schedule and know that I’m working every day. When you love something so much, having to depend on it for income can make you resent it. I love going to shows and photographing people’s passion, but when you rely that for sole income you can lose your interest and its not enjoyable. I don’t make a hundred thousand dollars doing this (mainly because I refuse to photograph weddings), also 85% of the musicians I photograph have other jobs, so finding a great job where I can afford to support myself and have bonus paying shoots is fine with me! It’s a hard battle,  If you’re not in the HEADLINING band, most likely you’re not getting paid as an opener. This might need to go in the next section, but newsflash, a lot of the bars don’t pay openers. That’s why it is important to support live music all around! Buy a koozie or t-shirt, it’s gas/meal money. If anyone says they’re making a living playing for an opening band, they are full of S***. I’m.just.saying.

* Cabo Bobs. If you live in Austin and haven’t been to Cabo Bob’s, then get in your car and head there right now for lunch! It’s like Freebirds/Chipotle but eatable. The tortilla’s are made fresh to order and their queso is sooooo yummy! Support your local businesses!

* Christmas Lights. I went all out this year, for some reason I was in the decorating mood and I put out decorations inside and out! Come by the apartment if you can! :0) Rocky loves visitors!

* Investigation Discovery. I love this tv channel, it has the most interesting shows on the planet. I watch every single one of them and am fascinated with how the littlest piece of evidence can build a case that you thought would go unanswered. I love that it brings closure for families who are devastated with a loss of a family member. After watching about 300+ shows, I am now certain 90% of criminals/murderers work in the construction industry, at least one person in your family is a murderer, and most crimes are committed by a family member. Maybe that’s why I stay away from my crazy ass family. 😉 bahahaha.

* Adele. She takes the words right out of my mouth. I could spend hours lying on the floor of my bedroom singing, screaming, crying her lyrics. She is amazing and she’s right, she writes music for the ears. The music world is jilted a bit but one thing that is right about the music industry is Adele. Thank you for your lyrics, they help more people than you could ever know.

* Faith. I’ve struggled this past year. I couldn’t see in front of me, much less in the future foreverything working out. I tried to control everything myself and I finally had a epiphany that I didn’t know what was the next moment for me but someone already knew. I then started my journey with having Faith in God. You’ve heard the saying, “God doesn’t put anything in front of you that you can’t handle”. I leaned on this and started putting my faith in him and I knew that he would see me out. I knew that if I rode it out, life would be ok. Faith, such a simple 5 letter word, but one of the hardest things to do is to let go of control and have faith someone is seeing your way. As soon as I stopped trying to figure out why J up and left like I never existed, I put my faith in God to fix the situation whether it will end with us together or have someone else put into my life, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I do miss J everyday and I still wish things were different but I’m done trying to figure out why it was so easy for him to turn away. It’s a hard to swallow but I have faith things will workout in the end. “If your heart is filled with faith then you can’t fear.” Faith has helped me get to this point in my life. I  have a new attitude on life and a new career to prove it. 🙂

* Rocky. I know I post about him a lot, but he is like my child. He brings me such joy and he’s really and truly the only “human being” I’ll let near me. I hope he is as content with me as I am with him. I love him.

* Traffic. I absolutely hate traffic and it seems like 35 gets worse and worse every day. I know Austin didn’t plan for all of us to live here, but come on… make more roads! 🙂 Don’t you know I always have the right-a-way and am the most important driver on the road?! 😉

* Holiday Music. I see your eyes rolling now, I can’t stand Christmas music. I’m just glad that it’s only for a couple of months because if it was year round, I might go insane.

* Forgetful Jalys. I get so mad at myself that I forget things I promise people. I promise it’s not on purpose, I just need to write it down somewhere! If I owe you a disc, you’ll be getting it before I leave for Lubbock!

* Unnecessary Email. My Friend, Momo keeps a daily account of the unnecessary email she receives… while she receives tons more than I do, it drives me crazy as well!  Love you, friend!

* Misty weather. I wish it would either rain or not. I don’t like this in between weather. It’s a tease.

That’s all for now! Please let me know what you think of the new title. 🙂 Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday!

Rocky and I will be doing this, this afternoon! It’s cooooooold!

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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