Where have I been?

Good question. I’ve been “here” but haven’t been posting and photographing a lot. Photography, at least in my experience comes and goes. Some weeks I’m so busy I barely have time to think, then others I’m literally watching paint dry. Ha. I’ve applied and interviewed for my dream job, waiting to hear back from that. I pray daily/hourly that I get it. It would set me up to use my degree and continue on the path I see for myself and future. The waiting is deteriorating me, as most of you know, I’m absolutely impatient. I want immediate satisfaction, so to wait for a month, I think I’ve kept my sanity in check as best I could. I want it so badly that I think I’m jinxing myself, but when you finally find your niche you’re excited and want to start full force. But for now I’ll be patient and hope no news is good news. :o). I’ve kept in contact with the person that interviewed me so I know I should hear something soon. Extra prayers would be awesome.

Let’s see what else have I been doing? Well, I’ve become a complete pinterest addict. I’ve made a necklace frame holder, shattered marbles, painted a metal trashcan that’s now my laundry basket, made 3 or 4 recipes, tinted mason jars, planned my wedding, decorated my nurseries, built my dream home, and melted 64 crayons on to a canvas. I’m seriously obsessed with that website and I’m sure I’ll go to rehab for it sometime soon.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Rocky, he’s the only man in my life, which is completely ok. 🙂 I think we make a pretty cool family, we go to the parks, go on walks/runs, snuggle up on the couch AND he doesn’t talk back to me… most of the time! ha. He goes everywhere with me, now that it isn’t 150 degrees outside, he’ll go to the grocery store with me and wait in the car. He’s an amazing dog, even-tempered, goofy, loving, loyal and most important, comforting. Our poor little family has been through so much this past year but we are looking and focusing on the positive. I was contemplating on getting him a new friend, with Raider it was a necessity to get her Rocker because after Rudder died she completely declined and was depressed. She wouldn’t eat, drink, broke out in hives, put herself in a corner and wouldn’t move. Rocker seems to adjusting well so I don’t think now would be the time to get him a playmate. He does get bored but we go to dog parks to interact with other dogs and he loves going to my hometown and playing with my parents dogs.

Well that is my short update. Tomorrow I’m heading back to my hometown and going to spend more quality time with my Mom, I love it. I am going to take my camera with me and photograph some hobby photos. Kind of excited to just photograph things for myself and see where my eyes take me.

Of course a post isn’t a post without a photo. Here is a iPhone photo of something I got in the mail yesterday:

Yup, I got my Texas Tech University ring! I love it.

And I can’t leave you without a Rocky picture!

This is his serious face. <3

Have a great weekend!

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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