Revealed! Brian Burke!

The guess who from yesterday was of my friend and favorite TX Music Scene artist, Brian Burke! It’s been a looooooooong time since I’ve gotten to photograph them, but I’m happy to say our schedules finally met up and I was able to shoot and fall in lurve all over! 🙂 He’s spent some time in Nashvegas working on his upcoming record and you guys know I’ll be pulling the friend card in hopes of getting an advanced copy! hahaha. Be on the look out around February (My birthday month, coincidence? I think not!  ha.) for the new record!

I was so stoked that I got to photograph them and the band has made some changes and it really was like an entire new band! First off, the bass player actually has hair (love ya, Kirkpatrick! Miss you!) and secondly, Jake the drummer is now singing back up vocals, which I think is absolutely amazing. I love it! Lastly, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen them in months but I think Burke actually got more handsome, which I didn’t think was possible! Seriously, not only do his lyrics make the girls hearts melt, but his tall, dark and handsome stature makes you weak in the knees. The girls love him! I’m not saying, I’m just sayin! You guys gotta go see one of their shows! Check out their tour schedule and look on iTunes for their record, Unraveled!

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys

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