I’m not dead, I promise.

So this summer has been pretty awful, but, I’m still here. Maci the Mac had to get a new brain and heart. I lost 60g’s worth of music photos. Have no fear! Maci is back and I’m working on getting all the data recovered to an external so I can eventually fulfill all orders. I’ve learned that Time Machine will be my new best friend from here on out! 🙂 Since my hard drive was replaced, I’m having to reinstall everything and start over. I think that is a good thing, a fresh new start is what the dr ordered!

Yes, a fresh start. The idea of my last blog was to expose my struggles within myself and hope that one day I could go back and be in a completely different place. Raider is still on my mind daily. But she’s home with me in some form. She stays on my night stand on her side of the bed. Rocker and I are doing better, we miss our Raider girl but I don’t regret the decision to not make her suffer anymore. She is too special to me to make her go through all that stuff. Rocky and I have been hanging out a lot, we go on walks, play dates and even go to restaurants. I guess he’s my new date. He’s pretty handsome, right?! RIGHT!

Two days after I wrote the blog I received an email with a job offer with a small Christian child care center as a 2 year old teacher. I took it, I felt like it was a sign from God that I should take it for the now. It’s not my dream job and it’s not something I’ll be doing 5 years from now, but its a job and so far I like it. The staff and my bosses are really sweet and awesome and for the time being, while I try to figure this thing called career out, I’ll be content playing with play dough and coloring pictures of sharks. I got to completely take over the room and make it my own plus implement my own curriculum. Cha’ching. I love label makers, glitter and stickers. It’s been a lot of fun. Oh plus I got to use a ton of bleach. Jalys was in heaven! :). I definitely take after my Aunt Janice when it comes to bleach, it makes me feel like I’m getting rid of diseases and filth when I use it. hahaha. So for now it’s job security and a pay check. Let’s see where life leads, I’ve been missin’ So Cal lately. Could I be back hanging with the hips in Venice B? Possibly. Living life without any boundaries is one of my goals for myself for the next few years.

I also want my lovely followers to know I’m just not a TX Music photographer. I like most genres of music, however most of my contacts are in the TX scene. If you have a band or know someone in a band that need live photos, let me know. I’m always down to photograph. Taking me out of my comfort zone should be fun! Bring on the indie/rock/whatevs! Spread the word! 🙂 ACL FESTIVAL IS COMING UP! WHO WANTS SOME PHOTOS? HIRE ME! :0). Or at least help me get in touch with the right people ;). hahaha.

I don’t have a photo to post for obvious reasons, but I wanted to write a quick update. I want to tahnk each and everyone of you guys for emailing, texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, calling me and giving me daily encouragement. I have some cool ass friends! Love you guys!!! Hopefully I’ll have something to put up this week! Support Live Music! Have a good week!

~ Jalys.

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