Please Pray For Raider.

My little family is going through some pain right now. Raider is currently in the hospital receiving a blood transfusion and other tests to see whether she has a blood disease or possible tumor, which is common in boxers. Monday I noticed some spots on her belly and asked a few people for advice and we all thought it was a heat rash. She seemed fine and content besides the spots so we didn’t go to the park the next few days just to keep her cool. Yesterday she started having bad black tar like diarrhea and I thought she had eaten something bad. I kept my eye on her and she seemed lethargic but ok. This morning she got up off the bed and walked into the hallway and collapsed. I couldn’t get her up so I quickly ran and took Rocker out, put him in the cage and finally got Raider into the car and off to the hospital. Initially they thought she got bit by a snake… which if you know me freaked me out! But they couldn’t find puncture wounds. After doing some blood samples they found her platelets were fine but one of her blood cell counts was super low (forgive me but I can’t remember if it was red or white… too much info being thrown at me). The doctor kept her while I tearfully had to walk away. Seeing her with an iv broke my heart. I’m a softie when it comes to my dogs, they are my best friends. I love them like they’re my own kids.

Later in the afternoon, her dr. called me giving me an update on her and how she’s just trying to keep her comfortable until the blood arrives for her. She recommended that we go to a specialist tomorrow to have her abdomen scanned to see if she indeed has any tumors. She said (with all the medical jargon that I don’t understand) that she’s not a text-book case and they want to take as much precaution and have her chest xrayed to see if there are any tumors there as well. If there are she may either need to have surgery or chemo. But she said we are getting ahead of ourselves in that respect and need to focus on what is wrong with her. It still could be a blood disease but want to rule out the tumor possibility.

Rocker is doing ok, he won’t let me out of his sight and hopefully Raider will be able to come home tomorrow and he can see his big sister. I want to take him up to the hospital with me tonight during visiting hours, but I know Raider needs her rest and they just get too excited around each other. I’m glad this hospital had visiting hours, I wasn’t able to go to the early one at noon due to the fact she was still so weak and the dr wanted to get her stable before she saw her mom.

Please pray for my little family during this time. I have hope she will be ok, she’s a fighter!

Get well soon, my lil baby girl.

~ Love,


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  1. Jalys, I know this is so hard. I won’t pretend I can relate totally, but after my sister’s recent heartbreak with her top dog, I know how much you love your sweet girl. I will be praying diligently and cross my fingers that the results are good and treatable! She’s so lucky to have you for a mama and she knows you are doing the best for her. Love on her this evening, and let her rest a for a bit. Sounds like she’s in the best place for the best care right now. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with! Love ya’!

  2. I lost my best friend, my baby Jake in January to a sudden cancer on his splein causing it to rupture. I cried and laid in bed for 2 full weeks with my other baby next to me. I am sending you all the puppy prayers I can muster. I know it is tough to see them in pain and missing you and not understanding. I’m sorry. Positive thoughts sent your way, too! Hugs!

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