Casey Donahew- Mardi Gras, Texas Style

Let me start this blog by thanking Casey Donahew band and Melinda Donahew for letting me photograph their set and making it possible that I got to photograph all the bands that I did. They set me up real nice with a sweet badge and vip identification, rolling with the big leagues, baby! hahaha. Their set was magical, insert Charlie Sheen comment, and I had an absolute blast being on stage with them and experiencing what it is like every week for them as they play sold out shows! There were tons, I MEAN TONS, of fans there and it was awesome to be apart of! Here are some photos from their set! Make sure to check out a show near you and SUPPORT TEXAS MUSIC!

Check back tomorrow for a FULL post on No Justice Band! Happy Monday!

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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