Johnny Cooper- Mardi Gras, Texas Style

I haven’t spent much time getting to know Johnny Cooper’s music. I went to one of his concerts this past summer, but it was because I was photographing the opening band. I was excited to actually pay attention to the music and see if I was a fan or not. I have the “Ignition” album and every time it came on my shuffle, I swore it was actually Cody Canada singing, but none the less, I’ve heard his live performance was great. Whoever said they put on a great live show is correct! I loved this set and I think I got some great photos. I think Johnny Cooper just might be the Justin Beiber of the Red Dirt Scene…. that’s just my opinion, but the hair is out of control! 🙂 Back to the music, I did enjoy the show and the collection of musicians is pretty stellar, it’s a very eclectic group of musicians and they pretty much rock!. Why don’t you go see a show for yourself and you decide! Enjoy these photos and Support Texas Music! Check back this week for some sneak peeks of the Casey Donahew set!

Grandpa? Is that you?! JK JK! 🙂


Rock + Roll, baby!

Don’t f*ck with this guy, he has a pirate tattoo.

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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