Brian Burke- Cheatham St. Warehouse

My favorite, The Brian Burke band, headlined Cheatham St this past Thursday night and what can I say?? A month without seeing them live is waaaaaaay too much time for me! The talent and passion these boys have is infectious and makes me want to strive harder for my professional goals as they push for theirs. Their set list is solid, their performance is an A++ and I always have a great time at every show! They are about to release their second single off their record, Unraveled, I think people are going to love it! Be on the lookout for, which happens to be my favorite, Dancing Tune! REQUEST REQUEST REQUEST!!! Enjoy some of the photos I captured during their set and get out to a dang show! :0). Support Texas Music!


face melt.

I love the “hair light” lighting I got with this shot!

Jake being awesome and handsome!

Getting iced on stage!!!

face melt x 2.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Dad! 🙂

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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