Kyle Park- Coupland Dance Hall

A couple of weeks ago, I photographed Kyle Park at Coupland Dance Hall, which was my first time being there! I went with 3 other friends and I almost thought I was in freakin’ Kansas by the time we got to the place from Cedar Park! The Cody Johnson Band opened for KP and I enjoyed hearing new music, more about them at a later date and blog! Kyle has been one of my favorite bands to shoot, I love the energy they all bring and the music is awesome. I love Kyle’s ability to create songs that can help you through a break up as well as get you jazzed up for a night out on the town! I enjoyed the setting that Coupland had to offer and by the end of the night I was high on Kyle Park amazeness and enjoyed another successful night capturing a great concert! It was my first time seeing the new key’s player, who apparently has been in the band for a while, but the last time I photographed Kyle was back in March or April. Since then he’s released two EP’s that are both phenomenal, I encourage you guys to get yourself a copy on iTunes! My favorite songs that Kyle performs live are I’m Missing You and the George Strait tribute song, which is a total crowd pleaser! Below are a few photographs I captured at the show! Make sure to treat yourself to a Kyle Park show when he is in your area!

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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