Hudson Moore- Gruene Hall

I promised you guys Cody Johnson, Kyle Park, Brian Burke and Sean McConnell but I had to let you guys in on this new musician I’m obsessed with! I’ve been waiting to do an album review on Hudson Moore’s debut album but it turns out I got the treat to see/photograph him opening for Emory Quinn this past Saturday at Gruene Hall. I have to say that Hudson and the rest of the band blew me away! I’ve researched and seen that they’ve only played a few shows but seeing them perform you would think they have played together for a long time. It was the first time for them to play at Gruene and they really performed well with amazing energy. The lead guitarist is absolutely amazing and I was in awe of his talent. I haven’t seen a guitarist with this much talent in quite a while! What I loved about this band different from a couple of bands I’ve been following the past year, is that they have parts during their concert where they just jam it out. I loved to hear the power of the guitar player intertwined with a nice drum cadence. It was a breath of fresh air and really sent the crowd into overdrive. I’ll write an album review later but let me just say this: Headliners, you’ve been warned.

Here are some photos I capture from the show! :0). DL  Hudson Moore’s debut album, Fireworks, on iTunes and go out and see a show!

Yup, that’s Brendon Anthony lending his talents! I dig this shot for some reason!

This dude is legit!

Check back later this week for posts on the bands I promised PLUS photos from Emory Quinn! They had their Gruene Hall CD release party and let’s just say they brought it! :0).

love it. live it. capture it!

~ Jalys.

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