Music Monday. Album Review: Brothers by The Black Keys

My new band obsession has to be The Black Keys. I purchased their new album on iTunes and the following is my review! This album officially came out in May so I’m behind but nonetheless, here it goes!

The Black Keys bring a bluesy/rock sound with soul wrenching lyrics to this particular record. The album is full of songs that hit at the soul of a person and offers lyrics that can relate to situations in everyone’s lives. The record offers a range of different musical thoughts and the different arrangement of the music makes the record enjoyable and not so monochromatic. This album would be recommended to buy to any fans of Muse, Modest Mouse and I’d say Black Crowes. Their bluesy/rock sound makes their artistic statement easy to understand and connect with. Songs to check out: Next Girl, Tighten Up, Howlin’ for You, Sinister Kid.

This weekend they will be playing two shows in Austin, 1. ACL Festival and then an after-show party at Stubbs (which is sold out… boo). These guys are definitely a band to check out!

Last week I photographed my favorite boys in the world, The Brian Burke Band. Here is a sneak peek and look for a full post coming later in the week! Have a great week!

Dios Mio, eat your heart out! 🙂

Love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys

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