Music Monday. Album Review: Unraveled by Brian Burke

I haven’t written a Music Monday post in forever, I thought I would start something new and write album reviews on here, hopefully, weekly. A band that I’m proud of: The Brian Burke Band just released their new record, Unraveled, this past Tuesday. I’ve had a copy since April and I’m extremely excited to finally be able to write about it so you guys can buy it and check it out!

The album starts out with a great song, “Shore to Shore”. The songs to me portrays leaving a loved one in search of seeing what life has to offer and discovering if leaving that loved one was the right or wrong decision. The lyric that sticks out at me is: “love it, leave it if it comes back its yours.” It’s a good song to start the album and continues the pace with the next couple of songs.

Their first single, “After Midnight” was released in the latter part of August and is a great song to set the tone for who the band is collectively and who their target audience is.  Their catchiest tune is number 5  called “Dancing Tune”. It’s not only has a commercial appeal to all ages but also when heard live, it makes you want to find a dancing partner, dance and feel the music. For me it’s my one of the top three favorite live songs that they play.

My favorite is definitely number eight, “Little Things”. The song has a bluesy rock type of vibe and the mixture of the arrangement with the voice of Brian Burke can make me listen to that song over and over and over. The song is about all the things that drives a guy crazy over a girl but still is just so in love with her. The person can get over the little things that drive him crazy because he’s just so in love with this girl that her flaws don’t matter. In turn it’s all the little things that drive him crazy makes him more in love with her.

The record ends with a great drinking yet love song called “Bartender”. It’s a pretty simple concept, he fell in love with his bartender. This record has every emotion that you need in your life. There is love, drinking, anger, sadness, and over great collection of songs. Brian Burke created a great record that appeals to all ages whether you’re still in high school, having a blast college or having a family and career and are reflecting back on life.

So download their new record on iTunes! Go to their website and check out their tour schedule and catch a show in your area!

Here are some photos from when I photographed their concert at Hurricane Harry’s this past Friday!

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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