I’m still alive!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a blog post! I apologize, I’ve been so sick that I haven’t had any energy to do anything but work and sleep. After four doctor visits, around ten prescriptions and two IV treatments, I’m finally feeling MUCH better. I have energy to clean house, take the dogs to the dog park and PHOTOGRAPH. These past couple of months have been awful with me being sick constantly and the people around me have had to deal with my moody and complainy self. I am loving this new energy that I have and I think the puppies are enjoying it too! We’ve been to the dog park both days this weekend so they could run and get some exercise.

Let’s share some more of my favorite things with you guys!

* COLLEGE FB- It is finally here! I loved last weekend and being able to lay on the couch and recoup while watching the first week of fb! I will confess I fell asleep during half-time of the Tech vs SMU game.. I woke up during the 4th qtr to see my Raiders score too close for comfort. But we got the win and had an even sweeter win this weekend against UNM. Tuberville is growing on me and this week is going to be CRAZY. It’s the big game Tech vs Texas… living in Austin I’m the odd person out at work, that is ok, my plan is to bring in EVERYTHING I can that is Raider Red to put in my classroom! I am having the hardest time finding my Tech flag but by Thursday it is going to be found and hung proudly in my room. RAIDER! POWER! I might just bring Raider in to bark and growl at Red Raider “non believers”! hahaha.  Wreck Em! Get Your Guns UP!

* Randy Rogers Band. They released a cd a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to write a full album review but due to me being sick I never got around to it. The new record is called Burning the Day and it’s a typical home run. Of course I would love the record, number 4 on the album is a song about LA and Austin. I think he is singing about me. I mean I’m about 97% sure he could have said, “Jalys, this song is for you” in the first line of the song.

* Mod Cloth. I absolutely LURVE this website. I could spend hours upon hours perusing cute outfits to buy. I sit at my computer and drool over all the cute dresses that are available. A girl can never have too many dresses. There are too many occasions in this world where a dress is the perfect choice. I know I haven’t always been like this, I am usually a t-shirt and jeans girl but lately I find myself buying dresses more and more. This website is helping with my obsession of finding a cute dress to wear to hmmm… let me think… a Brian Burke Band concert? ;0).

* Red Raider Outfitter. Yes more Red Raider spirit! I love love love that their store is available online. I miss my old college days where you could walk across campus and shop between classes. Yes, I loved any opportunity to shop between classes. Red Raider Outfitter has all your Texas Tech needs! Everything from jewelry to t-shirts to cute tops to kitchenware. Seriously its your one stop shop for everything Red Raider. If you guys need Christmas gift ideas for me… check out their jewelry section ;0). Raider Power!

I can’t end a blog without showing you guys a photo. The photo below needs some explanation, a few weeks ago at work two of our 3-year-old boys decided to open an ENTIRE bottle of baby powder and decorate the bathroom. This photo is the aftermath of what the little sweeties created for us to clean up. What you don’t see is the walls, mirrors and the rest of the floor covered in baby powder… oh work….

love it. live it. capture it.

~ Jalys.

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