Music Monday- Brian Burke Band edition.

It’s finally here! The Brian Burke boys are officially releasing their FIRST single off their new record, Unraveled. The first single is called, “After Midnight” and it is one of my favorites off their new record, so I chose them as my Music Monday band in honor of their single release.

Let me introduce and talk about each member so you get a better understanding of who they are:

* Jacob Williams- Jake is an extremely talented drummer. He exudes talent people only dream about having. His sick beats along side Clark’s tone, Kirpatrick’s smooth bass and Burke’s voice is what sends the Brian Burke Band over the top and blows the competition out of the water. He also can make you laugh for hours by just being Jake.

* Brian Kirpatrick- Kirpatrick is definitely the one to watch on stage. His stage presence is phenomenal and he really makes the show worth watching. He is a pretty chill guy and has some pretty sick “slapping da bass” skills. He’s pretty awesome in my book because he’s also a photographer!

* Clark Kaupke. Clark’s tone is nothing I have heard before from a guitar player, it’s smooth, it’s powerful, it’s amazeballs. My favorite song that he plays is actually a cover of Miranda Lambert’s “Dead Flowers”. He kills the song and makes it better than the original version. He can also shred and if you’re ever at a show you’ll agree with me when you hear his introduction solo.

* Brian Burke. Burke in my opinion has one of the greatest voices in the scene, it’s powerful but subtle. He writes songs that makes girls want to take him home to meet mom and dad and has guys upset that they can’t come up with the words to tell their girlfriends how they feel.  He’s a genuine guy and makes sure to shake every fan’s hand that comes to the merchandise table. He’s a great leader of the band and with his talent and ambition, he will take this band to the top!

Brian Burke Band links!:

Website – check out their tour schedule as well as hear their new single!!!



Below are more photos from Friday night at Hurricane Harry’s! Don’t forget to call your local Texas Music station and request “After Midnight” by the Brian Burke Band!

love it. love it. request “After Midnight”. 😉

~ Jalys.

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