Adidas Wind Pants.

I have the day off and I’ve spent most of the morning cleaning my apartment and getting ready to head to College Station/Bryan to watch, you guessed it, The Brian Burke Band place an acoustic set at the Bryan Lakeside Icehouse.  While cleaning my apartment I started thinking about all the weird and embarrassing things that make up my soul (dramatic much?). I admit I’m quirky and my necessity to plan everything out at least three times can be annoying and too much to handle. But, planning is a hobby for me. Yes, I said it PLANNING is a hobby. Nothing gets my heart pumping like planning a nice weekend and how it can pan out three different ways and have back up plans to my back up plans. Ok that might be a stretch, Ryan Reynolds gets my heart pumping too! ha.

I happen to dislike coffee. I’ve tried to be cool many times and hide my distaste for it and hang out at Starbucks and Coffee Bean like I’m an extra in a Friends episode. But for someone who turns their nose up at coffee, I purchase a lot of coffee cups. I have entire shelf devoted to coffee cups purchased mainly at Starbucks. How does this happen, you ask? Once in a blue moon when I go into a coffee shop for hot chocolate I’m always telling myself, ” Jalys only a drink nothing else” but that usually turns into a drink, cookie, and coffee cup.

As I’m typing out this blog, I’m listening to the Spice Girls, I know go ahead and take away my awesomesauce card! I found their cd in my closet a bit ago and added it to my iTunes. I love their sassiness and over the top singing ability (sarcasm? me? never!) So…. I’m guessing I’ve been downgraded to a Lamey McLamerson but I can’t let my childhood girl power go, I need to belt out “Say You’ll Be There” and let you know that if you want to be my lover you got to get with my friends. But in actuality I hope my future husband doesn’t get with my friends. That is a horrible lyric but back in ’97, that was my jam. That’s how you got to KNOW Jalys. Which probably explains why I wasn’t voted Most Popular in junior high. You can’t win everything, I told myself as I rocked the Adidas wind pants everyday to school.

I’ve mentioned how I’ve started a new job as a Preschool/Pre K teacher. I love it so far but one of my crazy OCD tendencies is having pictures/posters/anything hanging on the wall straight and not crooked. I’ve kind of already taken over the calendar and ABC board straightening it out and making sure everything is perfectly aligned and spaced out the same. I’m sure my co-teacher is going to love putting up with this habit, but I couldn’t stand it! It drives me crazy to where I can’t sleep until everything is perfectly aligned and spaced out evenly. Really losing sleep over a crooked picture frame? Yep, it’s how I roll or not sleep! ha.

I’m also surprised that I kept up with my Project 365 on my iPhone. Below are a few shots I’ve taken with my phone! I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great 4th of July! Stay safe!

My recent favorite! Sunset on the Guadalupe River!

love it. live it. capture it.

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