Music Monday!

So it has been a couple of months since I’ve written a Music Monday blog, I apologize and will not let you down again! Here are a couple of recommendations that you should check out!

* Sean McConnell. My bestie kept telling me to dl his music. That he was super talented and wicked awesome. I did even better, I was asked to come and shoot a private showcase and release party and guess who played that night along with Cory Morrow? Sean McConnell! I loved it! I got both of his EP’s and a couple of days later I got ahold of his Cold Black Sky Record. He writes and sings amazing songs. I wouldn’t say he’s Texas Country but he’s definitely found his sound. He’s written a lot of songs with Randy Rogers, so if you’re a RRB fan like me, check him out! My personal favorite song is “Close Enough”. Yup. It’s a love song folks that I want played at my wedding.

* Kyle Bennett Band. I photographed them a month or so ago along with Brandon Rhyder. I like this band a lot and they just recently put out a new record which you guys should dl. They sing one of my favorite songs in the Texas Music Scene, “Adios”. It’s a great song and one of my favorite lines is, “Adios baby goodbye, and I’m getting on with my life”. Loves it! They are currently touring all over this awesome state so definitely check them out when they are in your neighborhood!

* Brian Burke Band. I may have already recommended these guys before but guess what? I’m doing it again! I love this band and will keep promoting them until every one of my friends have their record! They have a new record coming out in the next couple of months but until then go to iTunes and download their EP and enjoy the musical awesomeness that is the Brian Burke Band!

Speaking of the Brian Burke Band, I photographed them Friday night in College Station where they were headlining Hurricane Harrys! Here are a few from the show! Thanks guys for letting me crash the show and photograph!

THE Brian Burke

Jam sesh!

Brian Kirpatrick

Pretty colors! hahaha

Jacob Williams

“Live it up for one night”

Clark Kaupke

He’s posing for his bestie! Watch out GQ!

Love it, live it, capture it.

~ Jalys

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