Believe in Yourself…

As most of you guys know, my Monday through Friday job is working at a Child Development Center and After school program. I am responsible for Pre-K and K and love every minute of it. I’ve gotten extremely attached to my kids and I feel that they love me as much as I love them. A few days ago I was talking to two of the boys and we will name boy 1: Ryan and boy 2: Eric. Here is a short conversation between the three of us about sports.

Me: Ryan, do you play baseball or t-ball?

Ryan: No, my mom was going to sign me up for soccer again but she didn’t.

Me: Why didn’t she? (of course I’m being nosy)

Ryan: I didn’t want to, I’m not that good and I can’t run that fast.

Eric (chiming in): All you have to do is believe in yourself and you can do it.

Yes, those words came out of a 6 year olds’ mouth. I was blown away by this and sat there almost in tears for a few minutes going over and over our conversation, sometimes kids have the best answers. What Eric said will always stay with me and it motivated me as well. I hope it gives you a spark as it did me!

Here is a photo I captured during a visit to the capitol with my cousin. Enjoy and look for more band photos as well as photos from my cousins’ trip!!

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