Josh Abbott Band + Brison Bursey

I photographed Josh Abbott Band a few weeks ago. I love them not only because they are awesome, but they are from Lubbock. I love supporting music from my college days and was beyond thrilled I got to photograph them at Midnight Rodeo in Austin. They just release a new record, She’s Like Texas, and it’s awesome! I urge you guys to dl it and have a listen.

On a side note, I’m in the process of developing a new business deal. I don’t want to divulge into it too much, but just wanted to let my followers know that changes are in the mix. I hope all my plans come to fruition and I’ll be able to let you in on the news soon. Check back more this week for more photos of the concerts I’ve shot.

That reminds me, although I’ve posted a lot of concert photography, as of late, I wanted to remind you guys I’ve been a portrait photographer for years. I know it may not seem like I do portraits but I love them! So if you need senior portraits or just want a me day full of photos let me know. I will be posting a special in the coming weeks and I would love to photograph you! I’m available for travel so if you don’t live in the Austin or Sonora area don’t let that stop you!

Josh Abbott Band

Brison Bursey Band

Love it, Live it, Capture it!

~ Jalys

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