As most of you know, my normal daily job is working at a child development center and after school care. I’m mainly responsible for the pre-k and kindergarten at a school located in the Circle C area of Austin. Everyday I’m excited and anxious to hear what the kids come up with. I also can’t wait to get off work and call my mom with my daily stories from my kids. It’s a great job and I really love love love my job. The following conversation is with a pre-k and 1st grader, it’s too funny not to share with my blog readers! Get ready to laugh! I’m going to change the names of the kids to protect their identities and what not! We’ll call the 1st grader Johnny and the Pre-k Mary.

Mary: Miss Jalys, the other day my brother, Harry, ate a spider.

Miss Jalys: Really? Did he like it?

Mary: I don’t really know. I just watched him eat a spider.

Johnny: He ate a spider? Now he has cancer!

Miss Jalys: Johnny, what do you mean he has cancer?

Johnny: When people eat spiders that’s how people get cancer. So now Harry has cancer.

Miss Jalys: (speechless)…….. wow. Johnny, how do you know this?

Johnny: I read about it, that’s how I know.

It was about a 15 second conversation but I had to share. The minds of children are pretty wonderful. Oh, to be a kid again.

Dale’s football player during our Super Bowl preparations!

Love it, live it, capture it!

~ Jalys

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